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Date: August 13, 2015 (Thursday)

Time: 6:30pm  Social Time   7pm Meeting

Place:  Riverview Gardens   (1101 S Oneida St Appleton)


Brad Gehring, Outagamie County Sheriff and Steve Elliott, City of Appleton Police Lieutenant, will speak on the growing problem of “Human Trafficking” in the Fox Cities.

Human trafficking is the trade of humans usually for the purpose of sexual slavery but many times also in the operation of legitimate businesses or as housekeepers.  This issue affects you as a Manager because rental apartments are frequently used to facilitate this human rights crime. At this meeting you will learn what things to look for to identify if your property is being used for such a purpose and what you can do to properly screen tenants to prevent this activity from occurring on your property.

We will also have an extended Q & A program, so bring your questions regarding management, forms, etc.

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September 10th

Jacci Konkle of the Appleton REIA  (Real Estate Investment Association)

Be sure to attend this meeting and learn what is beyond the property management side of real estate investing.  While a buy and hold rental property investment has many advantages, there are other ways of investing in real estate that can be equally rewarding. Jacci will discuss how to get involved in real estate investing through wholesaling, buying distressed property, rehabbing, flip-
ping, commercial investing, etc, etc.

Jacci has been a real estate investor since 1996 when she bought her first rental property. She and her husband Brett have experience in many facets of real estate investment and even have a coaching program to teach others. They are licensed general contractors and have built new homes. Jacci is the founder of the Appleton REIA

This meeting and snack buffet is sponsored by:  

Steve Rice of Reliable Refuse Removal, LLC

October 8th

Kathy Kintopf, “Mythbusters” Top myths of both landlords and tenants

Please join us for a great meeting with a presentation from one of our own. At this meeting Kathy will present very common misunderstandings of both landlords and tenants. She has an interesting way of presenting things with a humorous fashion. You have probably met or had the tenant that thinks they or their “brother in law”, etc is a legal expert at landlord tenant law. Many of us have only a partial understanding of the law. Kathy will present some of these “old wives (landlord) tales” in a way that you will learn from and find interesting.

Kathy has been a member of the FVAA for over 20 years and is currently the Fox Valley Account Executive for Start Renting magazine. She previously managed a 200 unit property for a private landlord and also has experience in buying distressed property and renting it out or flipping.

This meeting and snack buffet is sponsored by:

John Kramer of Kramer & Peterson Heating & Cooling

If you have program suggestions, ideas or want more information on a subject of interest to you please contact any board member and we will do our best to include it in upcoming meetings.

All Members and Associate Members are encouraged to attend our monthly meetings.  Non members are welcome to attend up to two meetings free.  You’ll come because your curious, you’ll stay because you have found value!  We have a lot to offer the landlords!

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