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Date:   January 14, 2016 (Thursday)

Time:  6:30pm Social Time    7pm Meeting

Place:  Riverview Gardens, 1101 S. Oneida Street, Appleton

Program:  “ASK A COP”   and  Membership Recruitment Night

Be sure to bring a guest to this months meeting. Exposing other managers to our group is the best way of making sure all landlords follow the law and don’t give the rest of us bad name.

Jason Weber, Community Liaison officer with the Town of Menasha Police Department will present a program on Landlord tenant issues that involve the Police.

The Town of Menasha has the highest density of rental units in the Fox Valley. Problems in his area are likely to be issues in other municipalities. Frequent involvement of police in behavior and drug issues as well as domestic disputes involving tenants is a problem for landlords that can take up a lot of your time. Learn how to efficiently handle these concerns and have a more secure and happy tenant base.  NOW is the time to learn about these issues, not when they become a problem.

Meeting Sponsor:  Jerry Jackson “A Accurate Building Inspector”


February 11th:  Joseph Strauss, City Appleton Fire Department

This months meeting will feature Joseph Strauss, the Appleton Fire Dept Battalion Chief of Fire Prevention and Education along with Fire Inspector Dave Kempen.  As a landlord/property manager, you (as well as your residents) are obligated to comply with certain fire codes and laws that are designed to protect residents as well as keep adjacent buildings from catching fire. Knowing what is expected of you as a property manager is critical to protecting our community. Recent changes in various fire codes and laws make this an important meeting to attend. Their presentation will include information on when CO detectors are required, correct placement and number and type of smoke detectors needed as well as when “not” to use a fire extinguisher. Find out when a sealed lithium battery smoke alarm is required. Can a grill be placed on a balcony or patio? What kind? Can a tenant have a fire pit in the backyard?  They will distribute a new form that landlords can use to properly record fire alarm testing that is required in 3 family units or larger. Be sure to bring lots questions. Be sure to attend, this is expected to be a very informative meeting.

This meeting is sponsored by Aquire Restoration & Maggie Attoe (Marketing Representative)


March 10th:  Jeff Shavlik & Ryna Kajewski of Finance Systems of Green Bay

Jeff has years of experience in collecting outstanding debts and will explain the best way for you collect from former tenants that owe you money. Do you need a judgment from small claims court to collect what you are owed? Does a collection show up on the tenant’s credit report? What is garnishment? What is “docketing your judgement” mean. What if you can’t find your old tenant to collect the money.

This meeting is sponsored by Tom Mchugh Construction, New Home Construction, Remodeling, Property Maintenance & Management.


April 14th:  Epiphany Law

As we all know, using the services of a lawyer can be expensive. However, not using the services of a lawyer can be even more expensive. Attorney Chris Snyder of Epiphany law will be speaking at this meeting concerning landlord tenant laws and the process of taking your case to small claims court and the things you can do to have a successful experience on “your day in court”. Be sure to attend this meeting and ask your questions without having to be “on the clock”. This will be one of those meetings where your attendance will be well worth the cost of your annual dues.

This meeting is sponsored by Tom Trinko of Basement Repair Specialists


If you have program suggestions, ideas or want more information on a subject of interest to you please contact any board member and we will do our best to include it in upcoming meetings.

All Members and Associate Members are encouraged to attend our monthly meetings.  Non members are welcome to attend up to two meetings free.  You’ll come because your curious, you’ll stay because you have found value!  We have a lot to offer the landlords!

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